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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Finish the Editing Process: SKILLS

On Tuesday me and my group completed the editing of our film so now we can move on to our soundtrack and focus on putting all of our credits in. I personally enjoyed the editing process the most but believe that if we had a different scenario I could have made out film more effective however I do believe that we have done a good job of it. Below you can see a screen grab of effects being added between the clips to make it more interesting to viewer as to make our film look more professional, the effect we used was a dissolve. Also as you can see in the screen grab there is a fade out before our title appears this is so that the ending runs more smoothly and makes a bigger impact when the title appears.

In the screen grabs underneath you can see that we have began to include our titles, we have created delegated spaces for our titles to take place in, whilst also including fade ins and outs before and after the title to again make the transition run smoothly.

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