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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Font ideas : RESEARCH ©

Font ideas
For our film, we wanted the credit font to reflect our title, which is signature. As thriller films are more directed towards women, a curly feminine font (similar to that of a female signature) would be best and make our film suited to our target audience. Here are some ideas I saw, with credit to

I quite like this font, which is called  Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen, as it looks messily written. If it was in red it could look as if it was written with blood, although that might give it a 'slasher' feel. However, the contrast of the curly writing and the colour (which has connotations of blood and death) could be an interesting point for the audience

Here are other fonts which I quite liked.

Don Quixote


NOTE: we might have a problem with downloading these fonts, as it is in a schools computer, if we cannot, we will have to try and get the nearest font to the one desirable.

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