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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ideas for video editing : RESEARCH ©

She looks abit like Natalie Portman I think...

Here are some video edit ideas that I came up with. I've done these effects on so, I'm not too sure about the accuracy, as in how well we can recreate these effects in Final Cut pro, but it's a good starting point. Here is the picture i'm working on, just an ordinary girl I got from Google Images, it probably has been photoshopped before, but it doesn't look that edited so I'll use it.

Here are some edited photos:

Kinda scary, the black and white might be a little silly though it's a modern film.

I like this one, its quite bright, contrasted and saturated, it gives off slight tension I think

Ooooh, I like this! The green tinge I added to it, along with the slight hoarseness of the photo make it look demure without making it look that edited. I like the shadows.

Saved the best for last! :D

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