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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


In my opinion I think our rough cut was pretty good however I do hope we can make it better in our final version. Our film is still lacking sound which is definitely a very important feature and we need to include it in order to make our title sequence successful. On the bright side we have not completed our titles since the rough cut but still haven’t edited them all into our film, now that we have included them from what we can see at the moment they are creating a very big change to out opening. I do believe that the shots we have used in our title sequence vary from each other and will create a more cinematic look. Tomorrow me and my group are going to workshop that we can hopefully complete our credits and titles and also start creating our soundtrack. I also hope we have time on Friday in order for me to able to include some of the new editing techniques I have learned watching youtube videos. Hopefully our final version will be better that the rough cut and from looking at it now I can already see a positive change since we posted our last draft.

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