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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mise En Scene

Our mise en scene was very precisely chosen to create an effect on our audience and also to create a bigger shock when the dead body is discovered by the viewer.
The rubber duck creates our biggest contrast. We decided to use a toy duck to symbolise innocence and present a sense of normality in our opening sequence this would create such a enormous contrast to the dead body because the scene is changing from an everyday familiarity to an abnormal and shocking image. Our most powerful shot is when you see the duck bump against Sakib’s hand, this will hopefully shock our viewers.

Other mise en scene that we included was my red dress and Sakib’s shirt and tie. I think this also made an impact on our opening. My dress because it would give the sense of normality and also the use of make-up is an everyday occurrence for most girls so there isn’t anything abnormal about it so this helps create a bigger sense of surprise. Sakib’s shirt and tie because it again creates abnormality because people don’t get in the bath with clothes on, shows irregularity as so does the sequence. It also allows the clip where I fix his tie to occur which too adds a sickening touch.

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