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Friday, 11 March 2011

On shoot photos to record filming sessions: PRODUCTION

We began filming on march 1st which was earlier that we predicted on our filming schedule but we decided it was best we started filming so we wouldn’t run out of time and could successfully finish it in time. It took us around 4 hours to get all the needed shoots, below are some shots of Sakib and myself being filmed.

When doing my makeup we sometimes tried to create a mirror shot of me looking at the camera as if it was a mirror getting ready as you can see below.

When we came onto the reveal of the dead body in the bath tub we decided to have Sakib clothed as it would be different to other films. He had to act dead which I  believe must have been a difficult job both with being wet and uncomfortable and also trying to not to laugh while not blinking. Which I thing he done a very excellent job of. For safety reasons we had to keep the camera well away from the bathtub when it was full so there wouldn’t be an accident of some sort. Beneath are is a shot of Sakib being filmed in the bathtub

In the ending of our title sequence we wanted to have me closing Sakib’s eyes from his point of view and that would fade into our Title. But for safety reasons we first had to empty the bathtub and the he had to dry off his hands before we could pass him the camera so he can complete our final shoot. Below is a shot of him doing so.

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