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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Planned Re-Shoot

After the filming we done we all went to class on friday to do all the editing to create our opening movie, so we opened up Final Cut Pro and placed all the shots in the order they should be making everything suit and everything was fine such as the mise en scene, the brightness and even the acting, but some of the shots didnt look as it was meant to as some of them looked abit rushed and the quality of the video went abit off and therefore lead to the clips looking like a normal home made video clip which wasnt what we was hoping for and also we have to re shoot a scene of the duck in the water touching the dead hand of the actor who is me. So therefore i have to take half of my uniform of my white shirt to re take that shot and then hopefully this would make our video as brilliant as we had tried so lets just hope everything goes well as this planned re-shot is today.

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