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Friday, 11 March 2011

Planning the Re-Shoot

After completing our filming on the Friday we began to edit and put together our shots in final cut pro. We positioned our shots in the order we had planned the in. The basics of the opening such as, mise en scene were all very good. However when we uploaded our shots on a bigger screen we started to notice that some of them did not look how we wished they would, for instance some of them looked hurried and not cinematic. Also another problem we came across after completing our editing in final cut is that our opening was only 45 seconds which wasn’t even half of what we had to complete so we decided that we had to re-shoot and add some new shoots to our title sequence. We also encouraged to do so by our teacher Annabelle who requested we included more shots of the duck and the duck hitting Sakib’s arm before it was discovered as a dead body. She also wanted us to complete more makeup shots to create a even bigger contrast between normality and what was to come.

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