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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Screengrabs of the Editing Process 'DAY 1' : SKILLS

Day one of our editing process we began by uploading all our clips onto our hard rive and then importing them in Final cut pro. We began by placing all the shots in order in the timeline, and then we watched the whole opening film through in its raw entirety.  

After we began to trim down all the shots as we had planned, so to give our opening continuity and also partly to make it look like a proper film opening. 

putting all our clips in the correct order and also trimming them where necessary

After putting all the clips in there right order and length size, we began to add a fade to black effect at the end of our film, it was my idea to have this effect so that it could be a fluent introduction for our title 'signature'.

We then decided to try and give our clips a more cinematic tone and look, and so we decided to see if it was possible by tampering with the brightness and contrast and also the colour, nothing came out of that so far, but we will continue to try and gain that cinematic effect. 

After the first day of editing we felt that we needed to go and Re shoot some scenes because in there current state they just did not work.

Screen shot of us trying to set the brightness and contrast level to give our opening a cinematic film look

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