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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Screengrabs of Creating the Titles 'DAY 2' : SKILLS

We began to start doing our titles when we finished editing and trimming down our shots. I did the titles with the help of some of my group. I looked through many fonts and in the end decided upon the font 'Zapfino' as it suited the tone of our film and also linked well with our name 'Signature'.
the font we used
I went into the Live type Software and began to make our opening credits, i had to look at issues such as timing and also if the animations looked good and linked well with the tone and feel of our opening.
creating the titles 
I then put the titles in our film by importing them into Final Cut Pro. We left intentional 3 seconds gaps within our opening, because we planned to fill them with our titles. 
importing titles into our film
 Below is an example of how the titles look in our opening:
how it looks in our film

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