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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Update on fonts : REVIEW ©

It turns out that it may be a little difficult to install fonts on the colleges computer, due to firewalls and the possibility that for final editing we may not get the same computer, so of course it is impossible to save it onto every Mac in Media. We would put the fonts on a USB, but this would prove too much of a hassle and franlly we haven't really got the time for that, because our deadline is on the 25th. So I have come up with a new idea for our credit text. Originally, a cursive style font would have been nice (to create a 'signature' of some sort) but I don't think it looks too good with the black screen, here is my example using Script font:

Okay, so the text is way too thin - it almost melts with the black background, and with it eventually being shown on a big cinema screen, this will look very amature and silly. I don't like it at all really! Below is another example of cursive text, which is slightly better but still looks cheesy and stupid:

I hate it. Looks way too cartoony for a crime/psychological thriller film...

Now here is what I think should be the text for our final film. It is Simsun text.

I think it looks way more professional, whether we are doing it on Livetype or Final Cut pro is still pending, because Final Cut pro might be alot easier than Livetype, as we don't have to import anything, however Livetype gives us a 'Frigid' effect which is like the text violently shaking, so we might use that. :)

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