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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION : Audience Feedback and Comments (Question 6)

Here are some views made from fellow peers about my groups opening thriller clip

Lets start off with the negative ones first
First of all we can see that our duck idea didn't work out as planned of  giving our clip an effect of normality but instead people said that it was weird and lets say more tacky as it was blue and wasn't the type of duck we needed such as a yellow floating one that tend to be in most bathtubs. Also, another thing was that our edits weren't enough and needed more and with that the make up shots were a bit too much and dragged our clip abit too much of just seeing our actress Edit putting make up on.

But enough of negative unwanted comments, lets move onto the good comments :)

Obviously I myself thought our video was just beautiful and completely fell in love with it :')
And to make me even more happy we had peers saying that the build-up was really good adding along with the soundtrack of the music playing adding to the excitement of the unnormality of our film giving the audience a good thrilling, suspence effect. And also to add to this, people loved the idea of the handsome actor, me ;) being dead in the bathtub with my clothing on being a shirt and tie attire, which added to the good ending of the film. 

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