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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION : How Does My Media Product Represent Particular Social Groups (Question 2)

Comparison of social groups with my opening film 'Signature' with the film 'Fatal Attraction' 

The point I'm trying to show, is about both male groups and and female groups and the differences between them. The point of how the more powerful force is always the males but however in this case with my clip and the film I'm comparing its the complete opposite.

The two girls I'm comparing below

Main Character 'Edit' From Signature
Main Character 'Alex Forrest' From Fatal Attraction

Okay, to start off, the similarities are that clearly they are both beautiful females, ;) Another point is that they are both crazy, psycho killers, this is like in the film Fatal Attraction the lady Alex is stalking a man along with his family after having a one night stand.
Both of these girls are seen as normal, ordinary women but as both movies go along we can see the similarities between them being not 'normal' and you can see their true personalities. Also the appearance of both characters are the same being smart, flashy, eye-catching type of clothes so they are stereotyped by the audience as being classy, sophisticated woman that appear normal and ordinary as everyone else but obviously this is just a show and later in the both films their true colours are shown.

Also a point about social groups is about the male social group being shown in a different way as being the more weaker one as in both films the male characters, in 'Signature' it being me. This shows the males as the more weaker targets and the female group being more in control of everything having the most power, so this is good for breaking that stereotypical look on how male are more stronger than women and how women are usually the victims of everything.

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