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Friday, 1 April 2011

EVALUATION : In What Way Does My Thriller Use, Develop or Challenge Forms and Conventions of Real Media Products Conventions of Thriller Opening (Question 1)

Below is a video clip made by myself which directly compares 10 shots from my own thriller opening and that of 'The Stepfather'.

Below i will be analyzing a few shots from my own thriller against the 'The Stepfather', i will be focusing on how they both :
  • Develop convention
  • Challenge convention 

Challenging  Conventions:

These two shots demonstrate how in our thriller opening we have challenged conventions of a thriller opening and also more specifically the roles of genders in a thriller.
In the Stepfather film its plays along with the convention of having the man as the protagonist, he is the main person and in this case the main villain.
     In our film we decided to buck this convention and use a female as the serial murderer. We thought it would be interesting to see the story and the murders from a female killers point of view, these two shots show the difference in what the two characters use to disguise (in the stepfather) and compose (in our film). Looking literally at the two shots, you could say that we have used quite a simple convention to show the difference in genders other than physical appearance, in our clip the character reaches into a makeup bag rather than a shaving tools kit. 

Developing Conventions:

I believe that one big convention that most thrillers and even some horror movies try to built is that of the idea of normality. Creating a false feeling that everything is normal and fine, and this makes the revelation of something bad occurring even greater.

In our thriller opening we didn't want to go all our shouting ''THIS IS A THRILLER!'' We felt that adding this false sense of safety would intrigue the audience and also shock. The duck represents all that is good, safe and innocent in our opening, because the audience automatically believe it to be a children's bath time plaything, that is the convention of it, and we have utilized this convention to good effect i believe in our opening. The feeling of innocence is also shown in the Stepfather by means of family photographs which again have a convention of being happy and safe. 

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