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Friday, 1 April 2011

EVALUATION: In way ways does your media product use,develop or challange forms and conventions of real media products? (Q1)

Both of these shots are the establishing shots of the main characters. In step father it’s a clear view of him looking in the mirror, in comparison our shot also consists of me looking in the mirror however it is filmed from a different angel, but I believe that both shots are creating the same effect which is giving a sense of normality.

These are both over the shoulder shots looking into the mirror. I think that that both these shots are very effective and again work in the same way to give a sense of normality and routine. This also introduces the main characters to the audience and gives them a false impression so that the viewer will be more shocked when deaths are revealed.

I believe that both the close up/cutaway work extremely well in giving an idea of normality. In addition me and my group also tired to included mise en scene to add to the feeling of ordinariness and suggest a sense of regularity in both scenes. 
These two shots both suggest that the main characters have a very strong precision to detail and through the music imply that this is going to be displayed in a sense of abnormality. We have used this specific shot to give a hint to our audience about our main characters psycho personality, and I believe that ‘The stepfather’ is using that shot to create exactly that idea in the viewers mind. My group and I thought that the stepfather used that close up so well that we decided to interpret it in our own film as an extreme close up.

In ‘The Stepfather’ they use water to suggest purity and innocence which is destroyed with the shaver which is covered with blood, this suggest the reveal of the dead bodies later on in the opening sequence. We also tried to take this in and incorporate the idea of it in our film. We done this by the use of the running taps, which we hope would give the same effect, by the water dripping into bath in a way hints to the body being discovered later on in our title sequence.

The use of the cutaway to the children’s photos gives a very strong sense of normality which is then shattered when their dead bodies are discovered. The use the mise en scene gives a feeling of ordinariness in the opening sequence. Our group really liked this aspect in the title sequence of ‘The Stepfather’ and this inspired us to contain the same perception in our opening. We done this with the use of the toy rubber duck floating in the bath, we used multiple shots of this prop to create an idea of normality and innocence, so therefore we would get the same shock from our audience when the dead body is exposed.

Personally I believe that the best sequence in the opening of the ‘The Stepfather’ is when the first dead body is discovered, it really works well in both shocking and disgusting the audience. The way the use of tilting is used ready helps shatter the normality and creates a whole new image in the viewers mind. My group and I tried to include a sense normality breaking in our opening, we done this by the opening of the shower curtain which again helps to show abnormality of the circumstances. Honestly I wish we could have included a tilt in our title sequence but lack of time didn’t allow us to do so.
When in ‘The Stepfather’ the main character picks up the toy up to set it straight really does give me the shivers I believe it definitely succeeds in creating a sense of disgust and abnormality. We thought that it would be good if we included this in some sense in our title sequence. So therefore we included the shot where the main character is fixing the dead man’s tie this will hopefully get her abnormal and psycho personality across to the viewer.

At the end of the opening sequence of ‘The Stepfather’ they have included a close mid shot of one of the victims, they have made this shot even more horrifying by having the girls eyes still open. I believe this worked very well in creating a dreadful image so therefore we included this in our title sequence. We done so by having dead man’s eyes open which are later on closed by our main character. 

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