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Friday, 1 April 2011

EVALUATION: How does your media product represent particular social groups? (Q2)

Main character from 'Signiture'

Alex Forrest from 'Fatal Attraction'

There are clear similarities between these two characters, the most blatant one of course is that they are both woman. But surely there are more, for example they are both psycho killers, as in our opening you can see that the main character has just killed a man, and in ‘Fatal Attraction’ Alex Forrest begins to stalk a man and his family after having a one night stand.
Both of the characters are portrayed as normal everyday women, but as the story progresses their odd and psycho personalities are starting to show. This aspect of an ordinary woman being a psycho killer will definitely surprise and horrify the audience. The clothing of both characters is more or less the same, seeing as they both wear smart and elegant clothes this comes across that they are both intelligent and sophisticated women so when their personalities are discovered it’s even more shocking.
An additional similarity they both have in common is that the audience can very clearly see that the characters have a split personality and also they are both displayed as psycho individuals.
However there are some distinctions in these two plots. The main one is that in our film the woman would kill her victim without any reason and wouldn’t stalk him or give him any reason of suspicion unlike in ‘Fatal Attraction’ where Alex Forrest becomes obsessive and begins to stalk her victim because he is avoiding her seeing as he is a married man. Yet the story line may be a bit different both characters nevertheless work in the same way to portray their main characters as psycho and neurotic.

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