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Friday, 1 April 2011

EVALUATION : What Kind of Media Institutions Might Distribute your Media Product and Why? How will you Attract/Address your Audience? (Question 4 & 5)

For this question i have decided to place my own thriller film into the real world of general cinema release.

Firstly I have to be very realistic about how far we could take this film both commercially and also into the public conscious. Our Thriller is a independent film and so realistically would not be backed financially and also promotion-wise by a large production company therefore meaning the distribution wouldn't come to much either.

I believe that my thriller film would have to appeal to a very niche market of cinema viewers that look past the Hollywood hype and would rather watch British independent films. We have to realize that we are not a colossal film like 'Avatar' and shouldn't be aiming to market our film in such ways.

Types of cinemas our film would be played in: 

Of course we would not get a nationwide release into all cinemas but rather specifically independent ones such as:

Genesis Cinema located in Mile End 
And the very cinema our Thriller was viewed in
Style of our Marketing Campaign: 

I would imagine that we would not have enough financial clout to fully promote this film, this is why I believe, good reviews from critics and also word of mouth could allow us to get some small success. 

I also believe in the idea of making the audience demand to see this film in their local cinema, and an example of such a thing happening is by the film 'Paranormal Activity'

Director Oren Peli asked movie goers to vote on the film website about which town to play the film next and in essence for people to demand it in their local cinemas.

Types of Media that would Promote my Thriller: 

A few TV Spots wouldn't be out of the question, because thats one of the quickest ways to reach a mass target audience, also the timing of the day in which the advert would appear also plays a key role as we would want to ensure our target audience are aware of it.

Also medias such as these, would promote are Thriller:


Radio Film Shows

Films Magazines

Advertising on Billboards: 
I believe that billboards are a influential force to promote and independent films because millions of people will be able to view them and also they are worth the expense because you are guaranteed to reach more then your intended target audience.  

Trying to Gain Distribution:
The film would have to be shown in as many film festivals as posible, this is to attract a possible distributor. If a distributor is attracted than the film has the chance to be release nationally in man cinemas  and of course this creates the chance to be financially successful.    

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