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Friday, 8 April 2011


How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We chose to use a female serial killer, to break away from the sterotypical view that males are serial killers, although this is statistically true, female killers do exists.

Our actress in 'Signature'

Alexandra Forrest in 'Fatal Attraction'

These two characters are very similar in terms of the way that they are made up. They are made up to look like innocent beautiful feminine women, stereotypical of how society sees them. They appear mentally stable. You wouldn't expect them to be serial killers, women typically look far too innocent for that. That is why, like in our film, Alexandra Forrest was an inspiration, as it twisted the normal conventions of thriller films, which usually use men, as men are seen as more aggressive. In our opening we made our character wear red (dress and lipstick) as although it does have connotations of love it also has connotations of blood, which is related to killing. The red lipstick was significant, as it helped place her status as a female, lipstick is seen as sexy. Although these characters appear different, they both represent woman to be girly and pure.

However, one thing that does set them apart from typical woman, is that they are killers, and that is revealed in their behaviour. In our opening, we didn't really show our character acting strange or out of control, perhaps in our absence of emotion we show that but it is a world away from Alexandras irratic, irrational behaviour in Fatal Attraction.

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