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Friday, 8 April 2011


Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progession from it to the full product?

The preliminary task was really practice for our final thriller. It gave us loads of practice and skills with using the camera mainly, and also abit of sound and text, though this proved difficult at first.

We had to film TWO preliminary films, because the first one was way too dark to be seen on Final Cut Pro. The task we were given is to produce a very short thrilling clip, in the style of any sub thriller genre we picked. We chose to do sci-fi, as we thought it would be interesting. However, we didn't really think about the mise-en scene, we had big limitations as we could only film in the college building. We tried to work with this, and went in a room and made it dark to make it seem thrilling. We moved the chairs into the background to make it seem as if it was an abandoned warehouse. This didn't look too good on the camera, it was way to dark to even make it lighter, it just looked unprofessional. From this I have learnt that doing any cinematic effects should really be left to Final Cut Pro! We attempted to add sound effects such
as footsteps and zaps, however this really messed up with the dialogue, it was like something our of those cheap anime/japanese films, where the mouth doesn't match up with sound.

Below I have posted some snapshots of our film compared to the prelim, I couldn't upload a video, it wouldn't work. Anyway, the differences between the two is immense, we didnt use any video effects in the previous one, it really looks like a homemade film, where as oru final edit looks more cinematic. We have also brushed up on our match cut skills, in our final cut it flows more smoothly, giving us the skill of precison. Really, we just brushed up our skills because some members of our group had some practice already.
This is much brighter and much more heavily contrasted than our preliminary film, it doesn't have to be dark to be a thriller!

Again, it is quite bright.
Not as heavily contrasted, looks unprofessional, we have improved greatly!

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