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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION: What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience? (Q4&5)

Through researching many other independent and student films on Youtube, I happened to come across some really good low budget produced short films. Some of these independent have even gone to win many awards through Film Festivals.  This great achievement could only have been acomplished through appropriate distribution of the movie. For example our title sequence to 'Signature' is going to be distributed through booking a local cinema and having all of AS media students watching it. 

To get my opening title sequence across to my audience I could post it on a social network site like facebook or myspace and get feedback from my viewers. This would both help me distribute my film and get comments on it. Through using facebook I could make a page for my film which would help in geting it more recognized and also I could tell friends o post it on peoples walls. I could also post it on YouTube but through this I believe I would be recieving a wider audience so therefore I would be more successful in getting my work well known, also through Youtube I can again get feedback on my film. Through entering film competitions and festivals I can also get my film out to my audience, this also can lead to distributers sharing out my film. Also if I was to win an award for my film I would get my film more acknowledged.

Below is an independent short film, it received 100,695 views on Youtube and has also an award.

Underneath are some of the comments that were posted on YouTube about this short film.

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