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Friday, 1 April 2011

EVALUATION : How Does My Media Product Represent Particular Social Groups (Question 2)

I compared how my own thriller opening represented particular social groups in comparison to the representation shown in 'Fatal Attraction'

In my thriller opening we have used two different social groups, the Female and Male groups. The idea of our thriller was always to try and not use default conventions such as the Male social groups always being seen as the dominant force.

The main character in my opening is a woman mass murderer. She is shown in a quite feminine way at the beginning, this was done intentionally by me as the director because i wanted to show the audience a sort of false reality, where i sold them the convention of a woman just caring about how she looks and such, the audience wouldn't look further into the character because this stereotype of the gender is so commonly accepted.

We can see the same technique being used in Fatal Attraction to show the main character who similarly to ours is a female.  
In both my thriller opening and Fatal Attraction, the Male social group is shown unconventionally in a more vulnerable way. The male characters are both the victims of attack in both the films. This shows that the males are being shown as victims and not brave, all action people, that role has been given to the woman, and this creates an interest in the audience, because it is trying to be unique and break away from stereotyping social groups and conforming to conventions.

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